Chamber Services

There are countless reasons to be a member of the Antelope-Highlands Chamber of Commerce. We are proud of our chamber community and neighboring communities. We have a heritage of serving for over a half a century. Our chamber has participated in the growth and success of North Highlands, McClellan Air Force Base (now McClellan Business Park), Foothill Farms and most recently, the community of Antelope. We are excited about our history and all of our accomplishments over the years. This excitement starts with our community members, businesses, and organizations and is conveyed through partnering ideas and projects with our elected government representatives. Partnering works... and our exciting growth and progress through the years are proof of that.

Here are 5 specific reasons that you may wish to become a part of this excitement.

1. Networking -

The chamber provides and participates in networking venues each month to exchange business cards and information. The best kind of advertising of products or services is "hands on." We spend a great deal of time in arranging these opportunities.

2. Discounts -

By joinging the chamber, you will qualify for multiple business discounts. For example our print shop member will offer discounts on all of your Printing Needs. We also work closely with Golden State to offer you discounts on your credit card processing needs.

3. Involvement & Partnering -

Dialogue is vital to wise decision making. Voice your opinions and share the views of others to help weave together the fabric of our future. Share the load. Work together. Heighten your knowledge of our community and learn how it operates.

4. Visibility & Business Networking -

Expand your audience with a rapidly growing group of business owners and decision makers. Showcase your business to other members and all the community of the world wide web. Draw a larger circle of influence in the business community by meeting others at functions and working together on committees and projects. Your exposure can be as large as 24/7 online as well as by conventional phone, fax or email.

5. Make a Difference -

Being a part of a larger picture can bring benefits to your business or organization. Help move individuals, businesses and organizations forward through your unique talents. Sharing pays big dividends which are generally repaid many-fold.

Ready to join us? Contact us today.